• Helen

Wonderful donation allows another dream to come true!

An extremely generous donation from an Australian friend in the USA has made it possible to fulfil another dream of helping the people of Idjwi island. Last year when I was there, Kizungu spoke of his dream of having their own boat to move between Goma and Idjwi. This would be used for transporting goods (at present a major cost), transporting people safely (every year many people drown in the lake because of overcrowded boats), serving as a kind of water ambulance for the sick. Now, with this wonderful donation, we have commissioned a boat specifically to meet these needs. It will be built by local boat makers, captained by a local, and will serve the local community in a variety of ways. The photo shows Kizungu talking with the boat builder, Claude and the captain, Mayele (note masks and social distancing!)

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